Saturday, July 9, 2011


So, it’s been a long desired break for me. Shuttling from office to home, working from noon to midnight, attending GRE classes in the weekend; Lord Ganesha has finally bestowed me with a holiday, much in need. At this hour I wonder how things are so well organised and yet seem to be in utter chaos when I ponder on them.  This web space is dedicated to my holiday soliloquies and the regular sound bursts which I encounter.

Men of wit and wisdom have dedicated their entire life in finding the organisation of the universe. The universe still remains a mystery and for the greater part of the future, I think, it will remain so. Esteemed scientists like Einstein, Newton, Planck and in the recent times Hawking have all faltered at the altar of their grandest proposition on the universe- “The theory of everything”. It includes ‘everything’ in the literal sense. Since the universe follows a strange similarity, it makes sense to derive the theory based on this similarity. Of the class 4 maths: If A=B and B=C, then it implies A=C. A few ground rules like these are quintessential for further propositions. And yet, the sum of the parts is not equal to the whole, is what they ultimately derive.

Ask Mani Bhaumik, a billionaire scientist turned an instinctive questioner, says: “The universe, as it is, is intriguing”. Ask me, I will add, “The intrigue is never to be understood or answered”. Why? Simply because, it will no longer be intriguing once it is demystified. Why is it important to remain an intrigue? The entire being exists to find this out. Once this is revealed, the entire mechanism around comes to a standstill and there isn’t a purpose to life. Life is a constant search for this one truth. It might just seem too bizarre a proposition, but I write because it bursts out of me.  And I understand I am not in the position to derive or propose a theory to it.

On other note, one thing that has confused my senses is the Kashmir conflict. Why is the heaven on earth turning into a literal hell? Are the Kashmiris waiting for a prophet to come and rescue them from dying on the streets? What do they really want? Can the demands of every kashmiri soul be fulfilled? What about the juxtaposition of the radicals? What is the ultimate solution? How many more kashmiri lives are to be laid down before they find the answers? Come let’s ponder...

In between the hue and cry of the media and the intellectuals who get paid to talk on television channels I find no hope to get a solution. One that lasts long, and takes every kashmiri into consideration. In the past, Atal Behari Vajpayee took a significant step for breaking the ice. But Musharraf had other plans in store that spoilt the peace process. Dr. Singh, who heads the PMO, but has little say in the national affairs, has through his trademark diplomacy trades to find a solution. But the people aren’t convinced of any good in it. They want a radical solution for the problem. There is a greater twist to this radicalisation. People hoist Pakistan’s flag and are made to believe Pakistan, not India can give them greater autonomy. The Chinese have showed genuine interest  in Kashmir and have went ahead to issue a separate  Visa for the Kashmiris. What does all this say?

A lot of questions asked in fact! Where are the answers? There cannot be a set answer for all of them as there cannot be a set answer for many a questions that nature throws to us.  It reminds me the lines of Khalil Gibran:

“Let there be spaces in our togetherness

And let the winds of heavens dance between us.

Love one another, but make not a bond of love.

Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your soul.

Give your hearts, but not into each other’s keeping”

Though a philosophical ending and a solution hypothetical, I feel this is the only good looking and decent one at the moment and its going to remain so. The clock is ticking 23:26. My Sunday is coming to an end so does my holiday. The sound bursts seem to have died down back on the city streets and mind swings in an unknown ecstasy of yawn, sleep and contentment of putting this in my webspace. 

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